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The use of Timemeter® (the app) on the running iOS® device (the device) is not restricted and there are no limitations due to content or technical skills.

This document describes the functionality of the app, the permissions required by the app, the in-app purchases offered and the data processing.


The app works like a calculator, but it makes operations on date and time components. This is as simple as useful in many situations of our daily life: we might want to know the date after a number of days from an event, the duration of a flight or just convert minutes to hours. That is usually involving us in making manual computing with the help of a calendar and an arithmetic calculator and it takes time too. Now with Timemeter® it is possible to do it in a very smart and quick way.

Date and Time

Get the result of operations like adding and subtracting components to a date or time.

Example: from April, 10th 2020 + 40 weeks = January, 15th 2021.

Time interval

Calculate the time interval between two dates, two times and two dates with time and  time zone.

Example: from April, 10th 2020 to January, 15th 2021 = 40 weeks.


Covert date and time components (iPhone in landscape).

Example: 280 days = 40 weeks.

Data storage

The app does not store any data and it is not supported by any web service. It works offline and there is no account or registration needed. It is just a tool always available on the device.


This app will not request access to any of the device related data.

In-app purchases (IAP) 

The user can purchase Espresso to tip the developer as an incentive to keep coding. Developers drink coffee a lot!

Data processing

By using the app, the user accepts all the conditions above mentioned. There is no other data processing but the one provided by the app. There is no commercial or advertising purposes, the user's personal data are not disclosed, no registration or subscription is asked for newsletters or other service for marketing, research o analysis, therefore no authorization is required on the use of personal information. Any misuse or abuse of the user's personal data by other users or other persons, companies, organisations outside the context and functionality described in this document cannot be directly or indirectly attributed to the developer of the app, nor to the producer of the device or to the owner of the operating system copyrights.

Copyright © 2021 Alessandro Oliva All rights reserved

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